Earache Home Remedies

Every human body has five major sensory organs such as touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. Of the five major sensory organs present in a human body, ear is one of them. It is one of the most sensitive human organs that can structurally be divided into three parts such as outer, middle and inner ear. Due to some external and internal injury caused by building up of wax, infection caused due to entering of water or severe blow to it, there can be severe earache. It can also occur when the middle as well as the outer ear has any inflammation.
Earache is common all around the world amongst adults and children. During the months of winters and spring, pain in the ears occurs because of cold. The pain caused due to cold can either be gentle or severe resulting in hearing loss. These are some of the reasons for earache but you can still find out many more. However, the most common reason is due to infection caused in the middle or outer region of the ear.

Causes of Earache

Some of the most common causes of mild to severe earache are diseases in the ear, infection caused to the mouth, nose as well as throat, otitis externa, otitis media, building up of wax, due to cold especially in the winter and spring months, sleeping disorders, internal damage to the eardrum, due to growth of fungus in the inner part of the ear and sinus infection.

Common Symptoms Of Earache

Whether you are dealing with an earache can easily be decided through some of the most common symptoms like severe and continuous itching, mild to severe pain, might result in fever or even you may suffer from diarrhea, inflammation and swelling of the ear, temporary or permanent loss in hearing, continuous sound of ringing and buzzing, you’ll feel a sensation of blocked or full in the ear, there might even be thick drainage as well and you will have some kind of irritability.

Treatment and Earache Relief

Home Remedy – It is always better to consult an ENT specialist or a health care practitioner in case you are dealing with severe health related problem. However you can treat mild pain and fever through suggestive treatments. By taking an appropriate dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen you can control pain and fever. However, you need to consider past medical history as certain medicines have a tendency to damage liver and may even result in kidney diseases. If you are treating kids, you need to consider the weight of infants and children before giving the dose. In order to get some relief from pain, you can also provide a warm compress to the ear.
Medical Treatment – In case of swelling and severe pain, health care practitioners generally prescribe to put eardrops for about a week or more. Mostly these are antibiotic drops having a tendency to fight with the infection and even work as a steroid for reducing the swelling. Doctors may even prescribe oral antibiotics along with eardrops for few days in order to reduce the pain and control the infection. If there is some sort of drainage coming out of the ear, you need to consult an ENT specialist as for cleaning and removal of the infection.